With party season officially upon us, if there’s ever a time you need to Get More Vitamins it’s now! Obviously we would always encourage sensible drinking, and you if can manage it, try to alternate each alcoholic beverage with water to help keep you hydrated throughout the night, but realistically we know that even with the best intentions you can’t always avoid a hangover. So with that in mind here are our top tips to help you combat the morning after.

  1. Eat eggs – Steer clear of a greasy fry up as tempting as it may be, fatty foods can be tricky for the body to digest while it’s dealing with all the alcohol and will probably leave you feeling worse. Instead try poached or scrambled eggs on wholegrain toast. Eggs are a source of choline which is a water-soluble vitamin and important for normal liver function. Eggs also contain the amino acid cysteine, which is a small protein that helps to support liver repair and encourage the production of an antioxidant called glutathione – crucial for helping your to break down acetaldehyde (a by-product of alcohol more toxic than alcohol itself). You can also find cysteine is in oats, dairy, garlic, onions and Brussels sprouts – hello Xmas leftovers.
  2. Bitter greens – If you can face it, try adding bitter fibrous greens to your breakfast like kale or a handful of rocket which can help to stimulate bile flow from the liver and encourage detoxification, helping to your symptoms. Even better? Add artichoke, even if that means an extra topping on your pizza!
  3. Magnesium – Many of us are low in this all essential mineral, involved in over 300 biochemical reactions in the body, it is quickly depleted by alcohol. Magnesium has anti-inflammatory powers and as ‘nature’s relaxant’ may help to soothe headaches and calm anxiety. It can be helpful to top up with magnesium both pre and post party to ease your suffering. Have a bath in magnesium salts or a few squares of dark chocolate to help melt your troubles away.
  4. Vitamin C – is an important antioxidant that is also rapidly used up in protecting your liver from ‘oxidative stress’ caused by alcohol. During the winter months it’s also vital to keep topped up with vitamin C for a healthy immune response and protection against colds and flu. Load up on fruit and veg, or on the go our orange flavoured Get More Vitamin C.
  5. Antioxidants – generally speaking, the more brightly coloured your fruit and veg the higher the concentration of natural antioxidants for combatting excess toxins like alcohol. Try sipping on a smoothie of mixed berries with spinach and add fresh ginger, for its anti-nausea effects.
  6. B vitamins – are crucial for clearing alcohol from the body, yet again are swiftly used up by alcohol so make sure you’re getting enough B vits either from foods such as meat, fish and wholegrains or you might like to add extra B Vits with a supplement or try our apple and raspberry Get More B Vitamins. Vitamin B1 is thought to enhance the effects of cysteine assisting the body with the break down of alcohol and B6 may also help to reduce hangover symptoms.
  7. Order a curry! That’s good news right? Packed with curcumin – the compound responsible for the bright yellow colour of turmeric is a well-known anti-inflammatory with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  8. And last but not least… just in time for Christmas and New Year… We’ve launched our brand new Get More Recovery Range. Powered with a blend of magnesium, and electrolytes sodium and potassium that are typically disrupted by alcohol (causing dehydration) and boosted with B vits. Originally formulated to replace fluids lost during exercise… they also come in handy after a few festive tipples – trust us we’ve tried it. Available in Orange, Citrus and Cranberry at Tesco and Amazon.