The Wintery months are rolling in and the team at Get More Vits HQ are trying not to give in to the annual hibernation period that happens around now.

It helps that we’ve now got our newly released Tropical flavoured Active BCAA drink! They’re keeping us motivated and thinking about being healthy.

Obviously we’re not going to be healthy all time. Especially at this time of year when treats like mince pies and all butter biscuits are looking at us from the kitchen. But, we’re trying our best to lead a balanced, healthy lifestyle by enjoying the treats as well as sticking to our regular exercise routines. We know how hard it can be to step out into the cold and make that walk to the gym in the morning. So, if you’re feeling disheartened, ditch the gym for a home workout! You don’t need lots of equipment and can keep it simple by following some classes on Youtube and staying hydrated. You can do this!

No matter where your workout is taking place, grab a can of our Active BCAA drink to:

a. Hydrate your body
b. Ease aching muscles
c. Aid muscle gain
d. Combat fatigue

Workout at home with Get More Vits Active BCAA drinks_

More about BCAA

What does BCAA stand for we hear you say? Well, these cans are packed with ‘branch chain amino acids’. These are a group of essential amino acids that are the building blocks of protein and can only be produced in the body by eating food. You can find out more information on the nitty gritty details in our previous post.

Essentially, the BCAA’s have been carefully added to this tropical drink to help your body to build muscle and fuel your work-out. They also help to combat fatigue when you’re feeling tired. They’re delicious AND they help you feel amazing before and after a workout. It’s a win-win!

If you want to get your hands on one (or a few) of these power-drinks you can currently get them delivered straight to your door from Ocado. We’ll announce the latest stockists on the Products page of our website so keep an eye out!