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Plastics Pledge

Plastic reduction by 2020/21

Get More Vits aim to reduce our footprint on the planet for a more sustainable future.
Already recyclable Paper cups and bags for sampling Cans Water sourced in the UK

Our Get More Pledge

At Get More Vits we are dedicated to reducing our plastic use and are committed to limiting our impact on the environment as much as we can. Our bottles have been 100% recyclable for some time – this includes the cap and sleeves, and we have reduced the amount of plastic used to manufacture our 500ml bottles from 28g to 22g. Our long term goal is to ensure that all production is also made from 100% recycled materials with our first target to have bottles made from 50% recycled plastic content by the end of 2020.

Our Promise to the Planet

Unfortunately there is no quick-fix solution to the plastics problem and we all need to work together – governments, businesses and individuals, to do our best for the environment and take action. At Get More Vits we are constantly reviewing options on different sources of material and have made a conscious decision to make our bottles fully recyclable, which includes switching the sleeves from PVC to PET. Currently we are exploring new suppliers to reduce plastic thickness by 20% and moving away from black plastic sports caps which are hard to recycle. However we still see a place for resealable bottles, which enable consumers the opportunity to enjoy our drinks on the go and we now offer cans as an alternative to provide consumers with the choice to make more mindful decisions around packaging.