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PREV Hydrating Electrolytes
Vitamin D
Vitamin D
Orange & Mango

Vitamin D is produced in our skin in response to sunlight – with shorter daylight hours in the UK it’s important to keep levels topped up year round. Government recommendations are to supplement, especially during winter months as it’s impossible to get enough from our diet. Vitamin D helps us extract calcium from food for healthy teeth, bones and muscles. Our effervescent tablets combine Vitamin D in its active form D3 (100% NRV*) which is best absorbed with added calcium and Vitamin K (100% NRV*), another important vitamin for bone health.

Suitable for vegetarians.

*Nutrient Reference Value
Why Is It Good?
Maintains healthy bones & muscles
Product available in...
10 Tablet Tube
Natural Flavours
Pack of 10
Sugar Free
Vegetarian Friendly

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Hydrating Electrolytes


Hydrating Electrolytes
Encourages energy release & hydration
Natural Flavours Pack of 10 Sugar Free Vegan Friendly

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Lemon & Lime

Multi Vitamins
Maintains a healthy body
Natural Flavours Pack of 10 Sugar Free Vegetarian Friendly