Supercharge Your Immune System This Summer

We have covered immune health a few times here at Get More Vits, and although we are all on our way to being ‘double jabbed’, covid cases are still on the increase, so we wanted to refresh our memories with some of the ways in which we can give ourselves the best chance at staying healthy this summer.



Aim for at least 5 portions of brightly coloured fruit & veg every day, but challenge yourself to reach 10! Don’t worry too much about portion sizes, variety is the key here – smoothies, soups and salads are an easy way to pack more in. Download our free fruit & veg tracker on the GMV website, print it out and stick it on your fridge. Brightly coloured fruit & veg contain a wide range of vitamins essential for immune health including vitamins A and C, an array of minerals and gut friendly fibre. If possible, go organic to avoid additional toxins and protect the body’s built-in antioxidants which help to fight off illness.




Our ‘sunshine’ vitamin is one of the most important nutrients for optimal immune function and supporting the body’s ability to fight infection, as well as reducing the risk of respiratory infections. Our skin produces vitamin D in response to sunlight and it’s impossible to get enough from food. Vitamin D is quite simply critical for health, and in 2020 government recommendations changed to advise everyone to supplement with vit D year-round, regardless of personal risk factors.




Omega 3 fats are often low in our typical Western diet but are crucial for keeping the immune system balanced. The best source is oily fish such as salmon, tuna, mackerel and anchovies, but if you’re veggie or vegan, flaxseeds, chia seeds, walnuts or flax and walnut oils as salad dressings make a healthy addition.





Protein forms the building blocks of every cell in our body, and this includes key players in our immune defences – white blood cells (lymphocytes), cytokines (immune messengers) and phagocytes (destroy invading viruses and bacteria). Eggs are especially good as they also contain important vitamins for immune function; A, D, E and K.


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