Becky Graham

Lead Nutritionist & Communications

Becky is responsible for writing blog articles, creating social media, advising and approving any nutrition claims made across the brand.

About Me

Becky is a Registered Nutritionist mBANT.

Before training as a Nutritionist, Becky began her career in the radio industry. Getting up during the early hours and leading a hectic London lifestyle lead her to experience 'burnout', before deciding to focus on her own health and learning how to support others in the media industry as well. Now she works freelance, as a Voice Artist in TV and as a writer for companies with a Nutrition focus.

Published work and partners include:

  • Cosmopolitan Magazine
  • The Free From & Allergy Guide 
  • Free From Heaven Magazine
  • Gluten Free Heaven Magazine
  • Forth Health Testing Company
  • Missfits Protein Powder


  • 4.5 years working as Nutritionist and Comms Lead for Get More Vits
  • 7 years working as Owner & Nutritionist at The Healthy Hedonist
  • 3 years working for the health coaching app Treat 
  • 10 years working as Voice Artist for ITV

Take a look at my LinkedIn Profile.


Becky is a registered Nutritionist MBANT, qualified from the renowned Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION) in Richmond.

My Favourite Get More Vits Product

Lemon & Lime Multivits Drink

Who doesn't enjoy a refreshing fizzy drink and Get More Vits Lemon & Lime ticks all your requirements for Vit C, B vits and Vitamin D, what's not to love! 

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