Do You Need to Detox?

As the temperature warms up and we start to think ahead to our summer holidays, it might be tempting to shake off winter comfort eating habits with a strict detox! However, we like practical and actionable advice here at Get More Vits - and we are happy to tell you there’s no need for extremes.

The truth is, you might feel like you need a spring clean, but a detox isn’t something you need to do - our bodies are running detoxification processes 24/7. We actually produce our own toxins called ‘endobiotics’, these are chemicals such as spent hormones and bile acid that are formed as part of daily metabolic processes. However, in our modern world, we are exposed to a whole host of environmental toxins we call ‘xenobiotics’ which all add to the picture.

The scary shortlist includes pesticides in our food, medications, vaccinations, heavy metals in our environment, cleaning and DIY products, skincare and toiletries, pollution in the air, and even tap water. If toxins build up and are not neutralised or eliminated, they may cause hormone imbalances, oxidative stress and inflammation.

Symptoms of Toxic Overload

Thankfully through our inbuilt 3-phase detoxification system made up primarily of the liver, the gut, skin and lungs, we can identify and eliminate most toxic invaders. However, with everyday exposure toxins can be overwhelming. If you are suffering from any of the following symptoms, it may be worth addressing your ‘toxic load’:

  • Poor and ‘foggy’ memory

  • Hives, itchy rashes, dermatitis, and other skin conditions

  • Intolerance to alcohol or coffee

  • Difficulty losing weight or easy to gain weight

  • Chemical sensitivities

  • Digestive issues – loss of appetite, indigestion, bloating, nausea, constipation

  • Low energy

9 Ways to Lighten your Toxic Load

Amazingly, the liver is the only organ which can regenerate itself and, given the right support, can help your body to clear toxins as effectively as possible, but to give it the best chance to do its job, here’s how you can lighten your toxic load: 

  1. Drink plenty of water - invest in a filter jug for tap water at home or try our tasty, low calorie, sugar free vitamin water. 

  2. Aim for a whole food diet, reducing refined, processed foods and added sugar.

  3. Increase fruit and vegetables that contain antioxidants and fibre for healthy digestion.

  4. Incorporate organic foods to reduce pesticide exposure.

  5. Choose foods with super detoxification powers:-
    - Broccoli and cruciferous vegetables contain compounds which bind to and eliminate toxins - particularly helpful for hormone balance.
    - Artichoke and turmeric support bile production to neutralise toxins in the gut.
    - Beetroot and coriander help to get rid of heavy metals.

  6. Reduce obvious toxins - alcohol, smoking and caffeine (problematic for some)

  7. Switch up cleaning products for natural alternatives - white wine vinegar + bicarbonate soda can go a long way!

  8. Sweat it out through physical exercise and saunas. 

  9. Try skin brushing to encourage lymphatic drainage and detoxification through the skin.

All of the above will help you to incorporate detoxification into your daily life rather than go ‘all-in’ on restrictive short-term solutions, so aim for long-term health rather than a spring detox - your body will thank you.

Supplements to support detoxification 

Supplementing with vitamins can be a great way to fill the gaps in your nutrition and support the detoxification pathways. For an easy and convenient way to get your daily dose of vitamins why not try our Apple & Raspberry B Vitamins drink. Better yet, for an all-in-one solution, our Sparkling Lemon & Lime Multivits drink - zesty, refreshing and contains 100% of your B vitamins, vitamin C and vitamin D.


Becky Graham

Lead Nutritionist & Communications - Get More Vits

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